The Healing You Can Do

The Healing You Can Do is an experience, A Sanctuary.

A book and program to redefine your trauma, and remind you of your purpose as a Survivor.

We offer Equine Assisted Healing Sessions at our animal sanctuary in  Yacolt, WA. 

Get in touch with your inner child, free your wild spirit, and find rest after the pain.

The Healing You Can Do is a message and program for:

Trauma survivors and
those that love them

Support and Advocacy Groups

Counselors, Therapists and Healthcare Professionals

About The Book

The Healing
You Can Do

THYCD is Meghan T Hindi’s debut book, powerfully illustrated by  renowned artist Katie M Berggren. Written for all ages, it comes from the author’s  personal experience of trauma, abuse, loss and then life changing healing. 

THYCD has inspired a change of dialogue in the trauma survivor community… What powerful things can you do with the strength you’ve found in your experience?