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The artwork is luscious and illuminates the splendidness of the sentiment. Pain is a part of living and with love can teach us how to give. A precious book of encouragement!

Jane  Kirkpatrick, New York Times Bestselling Author

A beautifully illustrated book with a message full of unconditional love that reminds us that no matter how dark it can be, our light can overcome any darkness. And once we heal we can help spread our light to heal others. Congratulations for such a beautiful contribution to humanity!

Ana Vera, Author, Dare to Change your Story

This book is beyond what I had expected. If you suffered trauma of any kind, you need this book. If you have children in your life who have suffered trauma of any kind, THIS is the book that will help them survive and learn that they can make the world a better place because of it. If you work at a school, you need this book in your office/classroom.  While you’re at it, get one into your library.

Aleah Stein, Birth Advocate and Photographer

The Healing You Can Do is beautifully written and illustrated for both children and adults. It is raw, uplifting, emotional and truly full of love! I truly believe everyone should read this book and it should be in schools for children to read. Everyone has been hurt at some point or time in their life, and this book has a beautiful healing aspect about it that can help so many.

Candi Snyder, Literary Leftovers Bookstore

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