About the Author

Meghan T Hindi is a mama, animal rescuer, birth advocate, and author.  Her heart for advocacy originally came from her own experience of abuse and trauma in childhood, and loss later in life.  Meghan’s YouTube channel “Birth Warrior” consists of affirmations, interviews and birth videos for trauma survivors who are seeking information about personal healing and birth. Due to the amount of enthusiastic outreach she received after openly discussing her own experiences, Meghan felt called to write a book about her survival, healing and transformation to share with others.

Meghan, her husband and two daughters live in the mountains of southwest Washington on a farm of mostly rescued and abused animals.  When they’re not tending to the farm, or inventing new chicken things- they are providing support for others to find peace and healing.  She is so excited to share The Healing You Can Do with the world and to see the powerful change that can come from it!

To reach Meghan directly- email thehealingyoucando@gmail.com.

The Healing You Can Do was illustrated by renowned artist Katie m Berggren!  Her involvement in this book was nothing short of magically orchestrated.  Her attention to detail and passion for the message of healing was invaluable to the quality of the project, and I am forever grateful to her for her hard work and talent.  

Katie and her family currently reside in Vancouver, WA where she creates custom artwork that is known around the world!